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Comprehensive Assessment

Your Personal Financial Assistant will organize your financial materials:

  • Identify bank accounts, checkbooks, monthly expenses, bills, budgets, and credit cards
  • Review bank statements and payment history for reconciliation
  • Establish an effective system for future bill paying

Partner for Bill Paying

Your Personal Financial Assistant will:

  • Visit your home regularly, i.e, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly
  • Organize mail and identify bills
  • Prioritize essential bills
  • Set up payment plans, if necessary
  • Write checks that you sign
  • Mail payments
  • Conduct monthly account reconciliations

Financial Literacy Education

Your Personal Financial Assistant will assess your financial literacy needs and provide in-home lessons, including:

  • Bank accounts & statements
  • Saving money
  • Expenses & bill paying
  • Financial Organization
  • Credit card safety and use
  • Overdraft, collections & other concerns

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